That’s it, we see it everywhere: the elastic band or the “Cellu fit&firm elastic band” is back in the fitness rooms and on our gym mats! The reason is simple: we have not found a better way to make muscle strengthening and fat burning ultra-efficient. By creating a permanent tension, the elastic offers a resistance that increases with exercise and demands a particularly powerful contraction from our muscles. The result: ultra-stressed muscles, which expand and burn fat to the max! We leave the session washed out with the satisfaction of having done the exercises well, damaged our fatty tissues and toned our body.

How does it work?

Unlike dumbbells, elastic bands create a permanent tension that prevents muscle relaxation during exercise. It is not subjected to gravity like weights and therefore allows us to resist in any plane of space. In addition, resistance increases gradually with stretching during exercise: you feel that there is more tension to provide at the end of movement. In other words, we have to force, no way to cheat!

Why is it effective?

Strengthening exercises with an elastic band are increasingly used at a high sporting level because it’s one of the most effective and fast ways to gain power, speed and strength. Indeed, the movement begins quickly, and it involves an intense sheathing of the body before a slow return to its initial position, which forces us to contract our muscles intensely. In addition, it works with all parts of the body: you quickly have toned arms, sharpened thighs, curved buttocks and flat stomach!


Why is it convenient?


The elastic has a very good quality – price ratio. If you cannot afford to invest in a gym membership or just don’t have the time to go, it’s a cheap and very effective way to build up your muscles and get the body of your dreams. In addition, the elastic band is light and easy to store: it does not take up any space at home and you can take it anywhere without any problem. It allows you to continue your exercises on weekends, on vacation, and even at the office during your lunch break!

Now that you know everything, let’s do the exercises!


Full Session:


20 minutes session to work all parts of the body with Lucile Woodward:


25 minute session with Gym Direct:


A sexy, bulging butt with the fitness elastic!  !


Nothing like the fitness elastic to bring up our butt and give it a round and firm shape! There are several exercises to activate the gluteal muscles, which you can integrate into your training at home or in the gym. Let’s go for the demo with the 5 main movements!


1/ The “monster walk”: put your feet in one of the wedges of the elastic so as to leave a spacing of two intervals (for example the B and the E), then put you in position to squat the feet well spread and make big steps forward then towards the back. You can do 10 to 15 repetitions per leg then alternate.


2/ The “sumo walk”: keep the elastic at your feet in the same configuration and squat position, but this time step to the side. Same rehearsal rhythm.


3/ Quadruped hip extension: keep the elastic at your feet in the same configuration and put yourself on the ground on 4 legs. Keep your right knee on the ground and extend your left leg to activate resistance. Do 30 repetitions per leg and alternate.


4/ Hip abduction lying down: keep the elastic at your feet in the same configuration, lie on your side, place your arm under your head to support it. Keep one leg on the ground and lift the other laterally to stretch the elastic up. For more efficiency, do not hesitate to open the foot upwards. Do 15 repetitions per leg and alternate.


5/ Glute bridge: go up the elastic along your legs to the knees with the same spacing then go up the pelvis while spreading the knees outwards to the maximum. At the same time, contract your abdominals to avoid stretching your back too much. Do 15 repetitions, put your back on the floor, count to 10, and start again.


Do this three times a week and you will quickly see your buttocks change pace =)


Moreover, if you need a coach, find the super Sissy Mua and her 10-minute video for a sexy, bulging butt!

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