Say stop to hanging arms with the fitness elastic!


Hello, ladies! I hope you have a great summer that you enjoy it to the full, but that you don’t forget to take care of your body at the same time thanks to a balanced diet and the Stéphanie Franck Beauty Slimming Kit, of course =)

By the way, I am counting on you to take your Fit & Firm elastic on holiday and to continue a regular exercise routine. As a reminder, you can find here my article on how elastic fitness works and why it is very effective to burn fat quickly and effectively fight against cellulite.

Know that cellulite is located in different parts of the body: thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms… I also offer targeted exercises for each part of the body! In my last article, I proposed exercises to have buttocks well bounced, let us pass henceforth to the arms not to have any more this ugly soft fat that hangs and is so unsightly when one carries a tank top!

Here are four exercises to tone your arms:

Tonic arm exercise No. 1

Take your elastic band by placing your hands at each end. Stretch the arms above your head and then make tension movements with the elastic as far as possible towards the lateral exteriors. If you feel that you are not working hard enough, shorten the distance between your hands on the elastic to cause a more powerful tension. Perform 4 series of 30 movements, with a 30-second pause between each.

Tonic arm exercise No. 2

Attach one end of the elastic band to a stable and solid place, and then grasp the other end. Position yourself so that the elastic band is stretched over its entire length between the point of attachment and your hand, place your elbow at a 90-degree angle and perform tension movements towards the belly, counting each time to 3 so that the movement is slow and effective. Repeat the same pace as in the first exercise.

Tonic arm exercise No. 3

Place the center of the elastic under one of your feet, and grasp both ends of your hands. Tighten the elastic band tightly and then move it upwards. This will work your biceps. Keep the same pace as in the first two exercises.

Tonic arm exercise No. 4  

Finally, an exercise specially designed for this little piece of soft skin that creates so many worries! Grasp both ends of the elastic band and pass it behind your back. Move the tension from top to bottom: one of your arms going down, the other up. Keep the same pace as in the first three exercises.


For those who prefer to be coached in video, here are some suggestions to find on YouTube:




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